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Last Week

Hi Family!!

I hope that you are having a happy new year and that you have made many wonderful new years resolutions :) 

This week has been amazing! I have seen the hand of God in my life a great deal. The messages that were shared on Sunday were exactly what I needed to hear and the words of my teachers have been equally inspiring. I have learned to look to the Savior and remember His justice and mercy. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Las Vegas to obtain my Visa with other missionaries. We were blessed to be greeted by many people who were excited for us and our service as missionaries, and many others who wanted to know who we are and what we were doing. My companion was blessed with the opportunity to talk to a woman about the gospel while we were on the airplane. She said that she was from Utah and that she didn't know much about the church, but wondered why everyone from our church was so happy. My companion and another missionary were able to teach her of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. They shared with her the Restoration of the Gospel and Joseph Smith and left her a Book of Mormon of which she agreed to read. It was a great experience for her to share the gospel to this woman. 

While we were in Las Vegas, we were given some information about Mexico. We were told how to say certain words and phrases that are commonly used in Mexico and were told where to purchase foods that will be safe to eat. Our instructor informed us to be very careful in spending more money than what the mission president gives us. He said that we will have native companions who will be offended because of our wealth. To them, he said, missionary life is living like a king for the amount of money that is given. He said that it is not likely that we will need more than what we are given and that the more you have the more it is a liability to you.

He also emphasized to not have our family members send any packages to us while we are in Mexico. There is absolutely no guarantee that we will receive them. Do not send anything valuable. If you absolutely must, send something very small, invaluable, heavily taped and put religious stickers (Virgin Mary stickers) because some Mexicans will hesitate to tamper with items with the Virgin Mary on it. Unfortunately, even then there is no guarantee that I will receive it. (I think I will do ok though)

I only have a few days left at the MTC. (I leave on the 6th)

I am still working on Spanish, but I have learned a great deal and I am confident that I will eventually grasp it. 

I'm not sure when I will be able to call on the day I leave, but I will try to contact you with that information soon. 

I hope you all have a happy new year and remember the things that Christ has done as you strive to do better. I know that Christ has done much for me and lifted me up  :) 

I love you all


Hermana Schuetz 

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