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Hi Family

Well, I am here at last in Mexico! I made it through the flights without any difficulties. 

My mission president is a native Spanish speaker and only speaks very little English, but he is very kind. He greeted us warmly and treated all of us to pizza the day of our arrival. 

Along with just about all the other hermanas, I was placed with a native Spanish speaker, Hermana Gommez. She is very kind and patient along with the other Hermanas that I share an apartment with. The city is large, diverse and colorful, but not dangerous as long as I abide by the mission rules. Especially with a native companion, there are no problems.  

My companion explained to me that there are many members of the church that are inactive. There are little difficulties involved with inviting a person to baptised and many difficulties helping them to continue to come to church and endure to the end. 

The apartments of the missionaries are provided with safe, jugged water. With the jugged water and the filter I received at the MTC, I am fine water wise. 

I already have been able to accompany my companion to eat and teach at a member's house and teach an inactive member. The spirit of love, kindness, friendship and sincerity is very strong among the Mexican people. I know that God is watching over all of them and I hope that I can do everything that I can to help them come closer to Christ.

Until next week (P Day is Monday),

Hermana Schuetz

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