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Hey everyone :-)

Hola Mi Familia!

My first day at the MTC could not have been better!!! :-) Everyone was extremely kind and understanding and helpful. We went through the basic stuff (getting name badges, dropping luggage off in our rooms and getting reading supplies). Then I met my Spanish teacher and my district. 

Sister Stewart (My Spanish teacher), I am convinced is the best teacher ever! :-) she is so kind, knowledgeable and helpful. We have a district with 5 sisters and two elders. I was placed into a group with two companions, so there are three of us total.

Hermana Vaeter and Hermana Vea are incredible!!! :-) We are all very kind to each other and have a lot of fun. Hermana Vaeter is going to Mexico City South with me and Hermana Vea is going to Mexico City West. I learned that the Mexico City Temple is not in my mission, but the new Missionary Training Center is. 

Our mission president for our stay at the MTC is a wonderful person. He is kind and respectful to everyone. He was in tears just a bit when the missionaries from our group left this past week. I have only briefly met him, but he seems like a very good person.

I was placed on the West Side MTC campus which is away form the main building. The rules on the West side are a bit more relaxed. We can leave the campus on P-Days and go to a certain shopping area to eat. (We got Jamba Juice today :-))

I was assigned as the Senior Companion for the first two weeks here. I was told that I ask a person to say a prayer when our companionship prays and I lead companionship inventory. 

The cafeteria takes care of me food wise. They have a vegetarian plate fixed for me when the meal has meat in it. 

I've seen Brayden Auten here :-) He's on the West Side as well, but I haven't seen else. 

We had a wonderful experience last night. A member of the Seventy spoke at a fireside and his words were so powerful and inspiring. :-)

More good news: An apostle is coming to speak to us on Thanksgiving and my companeras and I are in the choir (front row!) The choir instructor told us that we would be singing for more "important guests" which will be coming for several successive weeks in a row. He said that the meetings that we will be singing for will be broadcast to MTC's around the world! ( And we're in the front row, so watch BYU TV and you might see me!)

The environment is is so kind, respectful and powerful. I have loved being a part of it. 

I sent a letter home and I am sending one in the mail today (it might have some info in it that I already expressed in this email.) 

All is well. The only thing that I need from mom is the clothes that were in the dryer, and if Daniel would be willing to pick up some things that I need to get rid of that would be great :-)  

If you guys could read this to Rachel and Sam and Daniel, that would be great. (I forgot their email addresses. Is is I think those were right, but I don't remember). 

Let me know about how your Thanksgiving is and how everyone is doing :-) There is a picture attached :-)

--Hermana Schuetz 

P.S. Mom, your cousin Sandra Dominguez is so nice! She sent me muffins and M&M's and a nice card that I shared with my companions :-) I wrote her a thank-you card today

P.P.S. My P-day is on Wednesday while I'm at the MTC 

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