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Hi Family

It was nice talking to you all.

Christmas was great. We ate all sorts of yummy foods, played volleyball, opened gifts and ate at the Bishop`s house. 

Thanks for all the things you sent me! We enjoyed everthing. My companions wanted me to send their greetings and thanks to you. (Their packages haven´t arrived.)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

-Hermana Schuetz



Hi everyone,

We had a fun week. This past Thursday we had a large Zone Conference with Chritmas dinner and mini theater presentations. We got the opportunity to play soccer, volleyball and basketball. Our mission president gave us all a large bag of candy and we received a Christmas card from Salt Lake. 

The day after, I left to go to the immigration office with some other American missionaries. We spent several hours waiting and finally finished and ate lunch at Carls Jr. 

I received a package from Grandmother. Excited to open the gifts on Christmas. 

Our investigator is progressing well. He came to a church activity on Saturday and came to church on Sunday. The father and son of the small family I am teaching will be baptized on Friday

That`s all for now, looking forward to calling on Tuesday 

Have a wonderful Monday,

-Hermana Schuetz

I`m in the front row--third sister from the right


Merry Christmas (Almost)

Hi everyone,

I am still serving in the same ward, put in a different work area than before. We had a baptism this past Saturday with a long-time investigator that has passed many missionaries and finally decided to be baptized. It was a great day. 

We are going to have a special Christmas Conference with a talent show and different fun activities this Thursday. I`m excited for the Chrsitmas festivities. I hope that people all over the world remember the true reason for Christmas and that we turn our thoughts and hearts more to the Savior at this time of year.

Have a wonderful week

-Hermana Schuetz


Hi family

This week went by well. I enjoyed watching the church Christmas Devotional. A lot of wonderful messages. 

I recieved news yesterday that I will be transferred to a new area. I still don`t know where, or who my companion will be, but I hope the best. 

Excited for the Chrsitmas season and for the opportunity I have to serve Jesus Christ. I have goals to try to serve Him better and invite others to do the same. 

¨Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo que ha dado a Su Hijo Unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree no se pierda, más tenga vida eterna¨
-Juan 3:16
Have a wonderful week

-Hermana Schuetz 


Happy December

This past week our stake had a wonderful activity put on by the Relief Society. Our ward preformed a skit of The Lion King with a lot of gospel themes incorporated. Unfortunately, we didn`t get permission to go to the Stake Center to see it, but I heard that it was a big sucess.

We didn`t do anything super special for Thanksgiving. The Relief Society president had us over for lunch and made us a potato soup, steamed vegetables and other tasty Thanksgiving foods, which was nice. 

We received a letter from our mission president with the rules/expectations regarding our calls home for Christmas. I will google-translate it and send it out. 

Our landlady`s brother repainted our bathroom. (It used to have mold growing in the walls, but it`s a lot better now). After he finished, he asked us if we could help him  thank the Lord for work. We gladly offered a prayer and invited him to learn more about the gospel which he readily accepted. He doesn`t live in our area, but we will be giving his information to our leaders tonight. 

I hope that all is going well and that you are preparing for Christmas. Think of a gift that you could give to Christ this year and work on it every day leading up to Christmas. I am sure that you will see miracles.

Have a great week 

Hermana Schuetz