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Happy December

This past week our stake had a wonderful activity put on by the Relief Society. Our ward preformed a skit of The Lion King with a lot of gospel themes incorporated. Unfortunately, we didn`t get permission to go to the Stake Center to see it, but I heard that it was a big sucess.

We didn`t do anything super special for Thanksgiving. The Relief Society president had us over for lunch and made us a potato soup, steamed vegetables and other tasty Thanksgiving foods, which was nice. 

We received a letter from our mission president with the rules/expectations regarding our calls home for Christmas. I will google-translate it and send it out. 

Our landlady`s brother repainted our bathroom. (It used to have mold growing in the walls, but it`s a lot better now). After he finished, he asked us if we could help him  thank the Lord for work. We gladly offered a prayer and invited him to learn more about the gospel which he readily accepted. He doesn`t live in our area, but we will be giving his information to our leaders tonight. 

I hope that all is going well and that you are preparing for Christmas. Think of a gift that you could give to Christ this year and work on it every day leading up to Christmas. I am sure that you will see miracles.

Have a great week 

Hermana Schuetz 

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