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Hi family

We had a great week this past week. We found a new family to teach, a father, mother and two girls ages 7 and 9. The mother told us that when we came to teach her, she felt a great peace and happiness. She said that she believes that she would like to be baptized.  We are praying and working so that this can happen. 

I am very glad to be working here, trying to help children of God come unto Christ. I hope that I can do all that I can to help them understand the gospel better. 

I have been thinking a great deal about the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Just before the Savior acended into heaven, He gave to His disciples the Holy Ghost, to be their constant companion and to teach them what they should do (John 14:26). 

The gift of the Holy Ghost is just that--a gift. A gift that is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that our Father in Heaven has given us. As we are sensitive to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, it will teach us, lift us, inspire us and heal us. I know that the Holy Ghost is real and that it's power is imcomprhensible.

Have a wonderful week

-Hermana Schuetz

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