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A Week of Miracles

Hi Family

This week was wonderful!

We contacted a friend of our investigator, who readily and quickly acepted us. We later learned that this man had been talking to his son (14) about religion, asking him if he wanted to be a Chrsitian or a Catholic. His son responded that he wanted to be Christian. As this conversation was in progress and as the father of this boy was wondering and praying for guidance, we knocked on his door. 

He told us that he believes that we were sent to his home from God. He acepted a baptismal date, along with his son. His wife is not sure right now, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and is glad that we came to her home to teach her son. The man and his son both attended church yesterday and said that they enjoyed it. 

We have received many blessing this week. New investigadores, new baptismal dates, many people thirsting for the truth. I pray that I might be able to help these people come to Christ. 

This week I`ve been thinking about the importance of reading the scriptures. The scrpitures are our roadmap through life. They testify of truth to our minds and hearts and help us to follow God more closely. They contain the words of holy prophets, who receive direction from the Lord. They are inspired from heaven, an imeadiate blessing for us from our loving Heavenly Father. If we read with an open mind and a pure heart, God can speak to us and grant us the understanding that we need to navigate through this mortal life. (Alma 34:32) I testify of the power, authority and divinity of the scriptures. I hope that everyone will read them, think about them and live according to their teachings. 

Have a wonderful week

-Hermana Schuetz

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