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Hi Family

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for your letters! I got one from Daniel, Grandfather, Jennifer and one of the families in our ward. Thanks :)

Unfortunately, I don't have much time this Monday to write back, but I will try for next Monday. 

Today we have Transfers. I am staying in  my current area and I'm going to train a new sister missionary. (She is a Spanish speaking latina and I don't remember her name very well, but I will be meeting her later today). I am a little nervous for this change, but hopefully everything will work out. 

We recieved two new beds in our apartment. Our area is going to be divided and one of the Hermanas who I've known well since I arrived in going to open a new area. :) 

This past week has been great. One of our investigators has been having a difficult time with a drinking problem, but the past time that we visited him, he has improved tremendously and is beginning to read the Book of Mormon. 

We are also very excited for one of our investigators who is very interested in learning more about the gospel and making changes in his life. He told us that he would try to change his work schedule so that he would be able to come to church every Sunday :) 

Everyday I am learning more about the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. His infinite sacrifice has tremendous power to change the minds, hearts, desires and actions of His children. His atonement heals broken hearts and binds together families. I can't comprehend His great, atoning sacrifice, but I know that it is real. 

I hope that all is well and that you always remember the Savior's blessings through difficult moments

With lots of love, 

-Hermana Schuetz

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