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Hi Everyone

This week went by well. We have been seeing a lot of miracles taking place. 
We have recieved names of people to teach in every lesson that we have taught. Some don't live in our area, but I am very glad to know that the work is moving foward. 

One of our investigators introduced us to two of his friends who are interested in learning more about the church. One of them was asking us about the importance of baptism. We have an appointment with him tomorrow and he said that he would invite his family to listen as well. I pray for the influence of the Holy Ghost during this lesson. 

I heard that there's a French student in our house. What's his name? Will he be attending chuch on Sunday? Even though he`s only staying for a little while, it would be a great opportunity to share the gospel with him. 

I want to share my testimony of the importance of attending church. Apart from the Temple, the church is one of the most sacred places that we can enter. It is specially dedicated and set apart for us to worship, unite and pray. The presence of the Holy Ghost penetrates the hearts of those who seek divine guidance and enter with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Isaiahs teaches us that we will feast upon the inheritance of Jacob if we live in accordance with the Sacred nature of the sabbath day. (Isaiah 58:13-14)

Have a great week

-Hermana Schuetz

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