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Greetings from the North Pole :)

Hi Family! 

This week has been great! Yesterday was my compañera´s birthday. Our district received an inheritance from the previous district with party hats and candy and fun stuff, so we had a mini celebration. 

More fun stuff our district did: We all dressed in red or holiday attire and made a district Christmas Card. Next P-Day we will go to the Kinkos place off campus and make it nice to send to everyone. 

Yesterday, we had the privilege of hearing Quinten L. Cook speak at our Tuesday devotional. He stressed the importance of working with members, leaders and the mission president when we enter the field. He spoke of meaningful passages of scripture and gave an overall very inspirational message. 

This week our companionship invited our practice investigator to be baptized and he agreed! It was a remarkable and humbling experience. The Spirit was very strong.

Utah has had a crazy amount of snow. Some of the missionaries who were sent to the field had to turn back because of flight delays/cancellations. The weather has cleared up a bit since then, however.

I've been doing great :) Learning a bit more Spanish each day and praying in Spanish has been incredible. 

Besides the snow and all the cancellations, what's been going on? It was great to hear that you still have power. :) 

Spiritual Thought: I've been reading in the Old Testament about people of the children of Israel who gave up their gold, silver, fine twined linen and other riches for the Tabernacle of the Congregation. The people were described as those whose "hearts stirred within them" and were "wise in heart". What offering can you make to God and to those around you, that their hearts might be stirred? 

This week has been very inspiring. It is such a wonderful thing to teach the gospel. 

--Hermana Schuetz 

P.S. Nathaniel, I got your letter :) I'm sending you a letter today

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