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Hi Everyone

We had a wonderful church activity this past Friday. One of our investigators participated in a singing number. I was so glad to see him participate. I also enjoyed watching the Women`s Conference on Satuarday. A member helped put a computer in a separate room so that I could watch it in English (along with another American sister missionary). I thought that all of the talks were wonderfully written and given, but I was especially grateful for the talk given by Elder Uchdorf. 

I am hopeful for some of our news investigators. One of them is a close friend of a member. She is reading the Book of Mormon, attending church and has plans to watch general conference with us. I hope that she can continue to progress towards baptism. 

Faith is a principle of action. If we have faith, we act. Peter had a bit of faith and was able to walk of water. But we, just as Peter, must learn to cultivate this faith so that we will not drown in a sea of doubt or disbelief. Faith motivates us, inspires us and moves us to better that we would otherwise be. We are changed from just people and turned into saints--sons and daughters of an all-mighty and all-powerful God. If we have faith, we can do anything. (Matthew 17:20).  On the other hand, if we don`t have faith, we can do nothing. I hope that you will take a bit of time to read what the scripture guide says about faith, and that you will always "fan the flame of your faith" (Jeffery R. Holland). I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior. He knows us He loves us. Trust in Him. Have faith in Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.    

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