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September Begins

Hi Family,

This week our family of investigadors committed to living the Word of Wisdom. I hope that all will work out well. We have put a lot of goals to better our teachings and our form of working. 

I will be having the regular every-three-month interview with the mission president this Friday. He has asked that all the missionaries present him with a specific goal and a plan to accomplish it. My goal has to do with challenging people to repent. 

I having been pondering a great deal about the impact of small decisions in our everyday lives. It is the small and good things that we do each day that make up who we are. It is living the simple principles of the gospel that allow us to become a great instrument in the hands of the Lord (Alma 37:6-7). It is part of the gospel of Jesus Christ to Endure to the End. I think that as we choose to act, rather than to be acted upon and as we choose to do the best and become the best we can be, God will bless us, guide us and protect us. 

That's all for now

Have a great week

-Hermana Schuetz  

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