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Hi Family

This week was interesting. We had a good deal of success finding new people to teach--we´ve put a lot of appointments for this coming week. We ate with the bishop´s family twice. ( A wonderful family with two small children). I hope that we can help unite the ward in missionary work. 

We learned that one of our investigators doesn´t like a particular family of active members in the ward. The upside is that our investigator will shortly be moving to another part of the city and so there likely won´t be any awkward encounters. We will pass her information to the missionaries close to her new home. 

We have all been called to attend a special missionary meeting today at 4. I find it a bit odd, because with exception to our District meetings, we never have had special meetings on Preparation Day. Hope everything is ok.

I hope that Rachel had a very happy birthday! I thought of her a lot yesterday.

Have a wonderful week!

-Hermana Schuetz

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