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Hi Family

We had a good week this week. A baptism in our ward on Saturady. English classes the same day. 

One of our investigators came to the baptism. He still has a lot of doubts about the church, but I think that it was a positive experience for him to come to the baptism. 

The person who was baptized in our ward is a 17-year old who has wanted for a long time to be baptized but has not received permission from his parents. He recently recieved permission from his mother--a great suprise (before, she objected the idea). The whole family came to see his baptism. 

I received news yesterday that I will be transfered to a new area (tomorrow). I am a little nervous and a little excited. I have been working in the same ward since late June of last year, so it will be interesting to work in a new place. 

Hope all is well. Choose the right

-Hermana Schuetz

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