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Hi Family

Hi Everyone,
This week we had our Stake Conference. The Stake president is a good man with a lot of love for the ward. Our mission president came to the Saturday Night session and gave a great talk focused on members and missionaries working together. Our 16 year-old investigator came, and felt very inspired. He said that he would like to be a missionary. After the session, he talked with the Stake president and acepted the invitation to come to seminary.
On Sunday, we had a very interesting session of Stake Conference. We watched a broadcast from our Area Seventy, who gave a wonderful talk about the impotance of daily scripture study. We also got to hear from Elder Neil A. Anderson. The broadcast was for our stake and a few other stakes here in México.
Another one of our investigators came to the Sunday session and told us that it was a wonderful conference, and that the choir was excellent.
Have a wonderful week,
-Hermana Schuetz

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